01Kyokuyo, Trading Company
Focused on Solutions

As an expert paper and packaging trading company, we fulfill customer requests with an approach tailored to their needs.

We develop businesses in industries from food packaging, through household products and industrial materials, to printing and communications. Our integrated system has both upstream (raw ingredients, materials) and downstream (final products) capabilities. In addition to our trading company’s core functions, which create and provide customer solutions using the optimal materials, we have also created a flexible system for developing solutions from a range of perspectives, including package design and processing, art design, and logistics. We respond to our customers’ requests with an approach that is focused on their needs.

  • 提案開発型商社旭洋提案開発型商社旭洋
  • 提案開発型商社旭洋提案開発型商社旭洋
  • 提案開発型商社旭洋提案開発型商社旭洋
  • 提案開発型商社旭洋提案開発型商社旭洋

We create optimal solutions
after thorough consultation with our customers.
We coordinate everything,
from raw materials to the final product.

To provide the best solutions possible addressing all our customers’ needs, it is essential that we first develop a clear understanding of their needs and grasp the elements that will form the core of the solution. Our in-depth consulting process emphasizes understanding and sharing between people, from which we produce the best solution. We run simulations to better inform the solutions we provide to our customers.
In addition, once the solution has been verified from multiple perspectives, including cost, market trends, and current trends, and we have carefully examined every aspect with which we can assist, from raw ingredients and materials to the finished product, we provide an optimal, coordinated solution that addresses customer needs.


02Paper and PackagingExperts

When it comes to paper and packaging, our long history and determination reflects our unmistakable corporate strength.

Our work involves every aspect of paper and packaging production, from materials to sales, processing, development, and logistics. Utilizing our rich product resources along with the creativity and ideas characteristic of a productionless trading company to reliably fulfill customers’ needs, we have focused on the evolution of paper and packaging for many years. Our history and determination in both areas reflects our unmistakable corporate strength.


We utilize a diverse array of resources, including the Oji Group, to provide high-quality solutions.

  • 製紙
  • 段ボール原紙

We utilize a diverse array of resources, including the Oji Group, to provide high-quality solutions.

Our company is a member of the Oji Group, which develops businesses in a broad range of areas, including paper, industrial materials, functional materials, forest resources and environment marketing. In addition to utilizing the Oji Group’s abundant paper and industrial materials resources and collaborating with other Group companies, we take advantage of our network of partner firms with whom we have established trust. We provide high-quality solutions to expand the potential of our customers’ demands.

03Turning Needs IntoReality

Kyokuyo’s business activities start from exceeding our customers’ needs and making them a reality.

“Exceeding our customers’ needs and creating new styles” is our starting line.
As a company on the front lines, we have a firm grasp of the ever-changing trends in the paper and packaging industries and push ourselves to provide optimal solutions to meet the demands customers’ demands and solve their issues. We strive every day to leverage our employees’ experience, wisdom, and creative inspiration to go beyond our customer’s vision and exceed their needs.

  • I want eco-friendly packaging materialsI want eco-friendly packaging materials
  • I want to change the packaging materials we useI want to change the packaging materials we use
  • I want returnable packaging materialsI want returnable packaging materials
  • I want to use plant-based materials instead of plasticI want to use plant-based materials instead of plastic
  • I want the paper to be more durableI want the paper to be more durable
  • 飲料カップ
  • 書籍
  • 食品トレー
  • トイレットペーパー
  • 段ボールケース

04One-stop Solutions

We go beyond our customer’s vision to provide a total solution for our customers, encompassing everything from materials and packaging to development, processing, and logistics.

To continue to be a reliable partner helping our customers’ businesses grow through paper and packaging, we have created a one-stop system offering comprehensive solutions that cover the entire production process, from the selection of materials and packaging based on consultations with customers about their needs to development, processing, and logistics.
As paper and packaging experts, we enable customers to leave everything to us. We use our all-encompassing approach that stays in tune with the customer’s perspective to provide comprehensive assistance that goes beyond their demands.

One-stop Solutions

05Continuing to Support Daily Life

We continually work to understand our customers’ point of view and contribute to the daily lives of our customers and consumers through high-quality products and services.

While the situation surrounding materials is always changing, paper and packaging materials still support social infrastructure and play an indispensable role in daily life. We take pride in continuing to meet our responsibility to provide paper and packaging and to, by providing products and services from the customer perspective, contribute to more fulfilling lives and a new future.