Message from the President

President and CEO: Yorihisa DomaePresident and CEO: Yorihisa DomaePresident and CEO: Yorihisa Domae

Serving as a Trading Company Focused on Solutions That Meet New Needs of the Times

Kyokuyo is a paper and packaging trading company. Our greatest feature is that we are a trading company focused on solutions. This means that we work to solve customers' issues and expand their businesses further by making proposals based on in-depth consultations, while leveraging our comprehensive capabilities encompassing both upstream (raw ingredients, materials) and downstream (final products) processes in the three mainstay businesses of paper, industrial materials, and chemical products.

Given the recent rapid shifts in the global social situation and economic environment, paper and packaging have entered an era of change, with their roles and possibilities evolving constantly. Needs have diversified, including needs for deplasticization and recycling. As a trading company, we are required to respond in a more multidirectional manner. We are working to achieve further evolution by regarding this business condition not as a headwind but as a tailwind for our activities, as a trading company that is focused on solutions. We will enhance the potential of each employee to develop solutions, by bolstering our business structure for dealing comprehensively in commodities ranging from raw materials to final products, engaging in packaging sales activities covering both paper and chemical products, and building a framework for close cooperation with our partners. This is how we intend to cater to the needs of the times.

The paper and packaging that we deal in are closely related to our daily lives. They also play a highly important role in the development of a sustainable society. We will evolve both of them further with our own knowledge and ideas, thereby enriching people's lives and ultimately contributing to society. This is our mission. Together with our customers, we will continue to purse ideal paper and packaging, as well as their possibilities, and in doing so create new value and contribute to everyday life.

President and CEO: Yorihisa Domae