Exploring new horizons,Exploring new horizons,
with our rich creativity and intrepid spiritwith our rich creativity and intrepid spirit
to enrich lives through paper and packaging.to enrich lives through paper and packaging.
A Trading Company Focused on SolutionsA Trading Company Focused on Solutions

The Strengths of Kyokuyo,
a Trading Company Focused on Solutions

We are a trading company focused on solutions, always concentrating on customer needs. With paper and packaging at our core, we provide high-quality solutions to our customers, leveraging our comprehensive upstream (raw ingredients, materials) and downstream (final products) capabilities, our ability to create solutions that address customer needs, our collaborations with partner firms, and more.

Kyokuyo's business flow
Kyokuyo's business flow

Businesses and Services

We provide paper and packaging to customers in industries from printing and communications, through industrial materials and household products, to food packaging. As paper and packaging professionals with years of experience, we think flexibly to create solutions that best meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Environmental Initiatives

We created a cooperative framework with Oji Group, which is committed to environmental management, and implement sustainable corporate activities through environmental awareness.

Company Information

Information about our company, including a message from our President, a company overview, and our Group network.