Management Philosophy

We aim to be a reliable, vital corporate group that provides products
supporting the fulfilling lifestyles of our diverse customers
and contributes to the creation of a better society.

Corporate Code of Conduct

Achieve Customer Satisfaction
Always keeping an eye on the market, we earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers while providing safe products and services.
Safety First
In addition to prioritizing the safety of our employees, including those of our group companies, we make health our top priority.
Thorough Compliance
We faithfully abide by the spirit and the letter of domestic and international laws, and respect all social norms, including in our corporate philosophy, and when exercising common sense and good judgment, as we engage in open, lawful corporate activities.
Achieving Employee Satisfaction
The happiness of our employees and their families the important foundation of our company. In addition to establishing a work environment rich in humanity, we cultivate outstanding personnel highly regarded by society.

Action Plan

Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. General Employer Action Plan

In an effort to establish an employment environment that enables employees to fulfill their potential, we have an action plan following the guiding principles below.

1. Plan Period: April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2020

2. Issues

(1)There are no women in managerial-level positions due to career-track women positions being in the training period preceding appointment to managerial-level positions and other reasons.

(2)Employees are not taking more paid leave.

3. Goal

(1)Have five or more women in managerial-level positions by the end of March 2020.

(2)Have the average number of paid leave days used annually be 12 or more by the end of March 2020.

4. Initiative Details

(1)Periodically conduct training to increase female employees’ awareness of career development. (Once a year)
Make participation (including by immediate superiors) in training sessions held by the Group mandatory. (Once a year)
Actively recommend employees periodically attend lectures, seminars and other events held by external role models. (Several times a year)
During annual group training for managerial staff, incorporate programs to improve management abilities taking into consideration the expansion of women’s activities in the workplace. (Once a year)

(2) In an effort to reduce overall work hours, actively recommend that employees take paid leave before and after the end-of-year holiday, the Obon holiday, and other consecutive days off each year. (As appropriate)
Regularly conduct training to improving operations and workstyles to make taking paid leave easier. (Once a year)

5. Publishing information on the current state of women’s involvement in the company

As of the end of March 2019:

Paid leave usage rate: 68.8% (12.2 days)