Industrial Materials

Industrial materials are essential for industry. They support a wide variety of fields.
We use our rich experience and knowledge of both paper and chemical products
to expand their potential.

Industrial materials are essential for industries to operate smoothly in areas such as distribution and packaging, and they support a wide variety of fields. Raw ingredients, materials, and products need to be highly customizable to adapt to increasingly diverse needs and requirements.
As experts in materials derived from paper and chemical products, our company expands the potential of these materials through its integrated system encompassing new solutions for raw ingredients and materials, design, development, processing, and logistics control, built on the foundation of our extensive experience and the results we have achieve across myriad projects.

From corrugated cardboard to packing paper, plastic sheet, and other raw materials
and ingredients to the finished products,
we propose the optimal materials for our customers based on a variety of perspectives.

From materials such as container board, packing paper, cardboard for cartons, building paper board, wastepaper, and plastic sheets to finished products such as corrugated plastic board, we handle industrial materials required in a wide variety of fields. Our company’s ability to accurately assess the performance of paper and chemical products enables us to provide these multi-layered solutions.

Areas of Operation

We offer an integrated system for handling industrial materials derived from paper and chemical products that includes upstream (raw ingredients, materials) and downstream (final product) processes. We inquire about our customers’ needs and provide comprehensive support, from proposing the optimal product to procuring raw ingredients, design, processing, inventory management, and supply management.

Materials We Use

  • Container
  • Building paper board

  • Wrapping paper
  • Wastepaper

  • Boxboard
  • Plastic sheets
  • Our Products

  • Corrugated plastic board
  • Foam cushion material

  • Tires