Solutions and Consulting

Our extremely experienced staff provide high-level analysis of an array of market needs.
We will listen to customer request and create reliable solutions.

We draw on a deep store of knowledge accumulated from the experience we have gained over the years in our handling of a wide variety of merchandise, from the raw materials to the final product.
Using this knowledge we have developed in many fields in our in-depth consulting, we assist our customers from a variety of perspectives and create effective strategy proposals. Our highly experienced staff clarify customers’ needs to determine the direction of their solution. We create reliable solutions that meet our customers’ demands.

We have established a division dedicated to customer consultation.
We will create an optimized plan based on an analysis of your needs and current situation.

Our company’s Market Development Department is dedicated to maintaining close communication with our customers and providing consulting services based on an analysis of market and industry trends, as well as providing solutions to issues faced by the customer. We start by interviewing our customers to learn about their needs. We then investigate and analyze their current situation and verify market and industry trends, including comparisons with competitors, to formulate an approach and create the best solutions for the customer.

We take the central role in providing comprehensive coordination throughout the production process, from the procurement of raw materials to development, production, and distribution.

As a trading company focused on paper and packaging, we have extensive experience handling a large number of projects. We utilize this experience and knowledge to place ourselves at the center of the project, actively linking our own capabilities with those of our partner firms, leveraging strong trust-based relationships to coordinate the entire production process, from the procurement of raw materials to development, production, and distribution.

Quality Initiatives

We make every effort possible to ensure the stability of product supply and safety
for our customers while enhancing quality-based competitive strength
and accident prevention measures.

Our company has a three point approach to our initiatives to enhance the quality-based competitive strength of our products and ensure their safety. We ensure the safety and reliability of food products, medicines, medical tools, containers and packaging, adhere to the domestic laws and regulations and industrial standards that inform the Group standards regarding the raw materials used, and manage chemical substances keeping in mind European and U.S. regulations. In addition, we conduct annual audits of Group companies and processing contractors to further improve our hygiene management and quality control systems.