The Business of Kyokuyo

As a trading company focused on solutions
that welcomes inquiries regarding paper and chemical products,
we explore the potential of paper and packaging and contribute to creating a richer,
more prosperous society.

Paper and packaging play are an important part of the infrastructure supporting our society, and fundamentally supporting our lives.
We are a trading company focused on solutions involving paper and packaging, providing comprehensive services ranging from supplying paper and raw materials and ingredients for chemical products to planning and drafting, product development, and supply management. We have pursued business based on a philosophy of exploring the potential of both paper and packaging.
In our work, we have handled an broad array of products encompassing upstream (raw ingredients, materials) and downstream (final product) processes, and we continue to expand the scope of our activities. Going forward, we will continue exploring the potential of paper and packaging and further develop the solutions we provide to our customers and society, to contribute to creating a richer, more prosperous society.

Our Businesses

The fields we engage in are broad and intimately tied to the daily lives of consumers, including convenience store food product containers, souvenir boxes and paper bags, corrugated cardboard for distribution, toilet paper, magazines and fliers, and photocopy paper for offices. Flexibly applying our own ideas and creativity to the materials and products we handle, we further the evolution of paper and packaging and contribute to creating richer and more prosperous lives for everyone by sharing our efforts with the world. This is the mission of Kyokuyo.
We create the future of paper and packaging to open the way to new fields of business.

Our system enables us to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers, from accurately assessing the needs of the market to providing the optimal raw materials and ingredients as well as handling development, processing, and logistics.

As the demands of the market diversify and market reforms accelerate, anticipating our customers’ needs and providing swift solutions enables us to help their businesses succeed.
Our business revolves around five core functions: planning and drafting, in which we accurately analyze customer needs and the trends of the market before creating ideas that solve the issues they face; procurement, through which we provide optimal raw materials and ingredients; development, where we quickly turn proposals into products; quality control to appropriately managing the entire process and maintain and improve quality; and logistics, including inventory management, which is necessary to create a stable system for supplying materials and products.
We do not own our own production facilities, and advantage that enables us to respond quickly and accurately to the diverse paper and packaging needs of our customers to create the best solution for them.

Kyokuyo’s Business Framework

Starting from market analysis and marketing, the Market Development Department, which handles strategy proposals for our customers, formulates strategies that explore demand. We take advantage of the three main business groups that form the backbone of our trading company — paper, industrial materials, and chemical products — encouraging cross-sectional collaboration.
We are also actively expanding overseas and expanding our fields of business.

We handle everything from in-depth marketing to consulting, proposals, development, processing, and logistics, all from the customer’s point of view.

We start by accurately assessing customer needs, and then providing comprehensive services covering the entire process through final distribution control. The creation of value chains is the foundation of our approach.
We formulate basic specifications after extensively consulting our customers to flesh out their requests based on thorough market analysis informed by a firm understanding of current social and industrial trends. At each point in the processes of raw ingredient procurement, product development, quality control, and logistics control, we communicate with our partner firms to create an integrated flow to provide solutions to our customers .
Managing the entire process in-house enables us to minimize inconsistencies and conflicts in needs and processes to successfully provide high-quality raw ingredients and products.

We strive to understand our customers’ point of view as we fulfill our mission
to contribute to everyone’s daily lives.

Our mission is to leverage our extensive experience in paper and packaging to make it easier to use and handle, thus enriching the lifestyles of the future. This mission takes many forms, such as making the food containers we use every day easier to handle, making it possible to replace conventional materials with eco-friendly ones, and other initiatives. Making our customers’ needs a reality is Kyokuyo’s calling.
We continue to see these challenges from the perspective of our customers, in the hopes of contributing to everyone’s daily lives.